Boost student retention rates by 60% with quality elearning

Online learning is changing the face of the education system. At Oppida, we believe in creating dynamic learning environments through advanced learning management systems which hook your students in. Our team comprises a group of passionate instructional design and online education consultants who design, develop, and enhance education through digital transformation.

Engage with your learners on a deeper level & improve digital literacy with online education through Oppida.

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How is your organisation serving the diverse needs of your learners enrolled in online courses?

The flexible and interactive nature of online learning makes it highly effective for learners of all ages. Some may argue it is better than classroom-based learning. Oppida exists to nurture learners’ educational experience through digital transformation. Engage learners at a deeper level with quality blended courses that bring the best elements of face-to-face teaching and instruction into the online environment through exceptional learning design.

We want to show the future of possibilities available through exceptionally designed elearning journeys. At Oppida, all our courses are created to meet your learners’ needs and learning abilities.

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Whether you’re at project inception or you’re struggling knee-deep to manage content deliverables, Oppida will tailor a customised learning design solution for you. After a quick consultation, enable us to project manage, design, and enhance all your online courses. From any point in the course's lifecycle. There is no 'one template fits all' learning design package on offer here. Our team believes in creating innovative and targeted learning and development solutions designed especially for your organisation and learners.