At Oppida, we believe in creating dynamic learning environments through advanced learning management systems which hook your students in.

My name is Bianca Raby and I'm the Founder and CEO of Oppida. I have over 16 years experience working in education and my career began as a k-12 teacher. In my late 20s I retrained in business through a gruelling MBA at Melbourne business school an experience that set the stage for my next major step in life, founding Oppida. I launched Oppida in to better support other organisations to design and develop high quality digital learning.


As an experienced learning designer project manager and educational technologist myself, I saw a need to unpack what it really takes to design and develop and deliver world-class online programs. To date I have lead Oppida to serve over 20 unique clients by designing developing migrating publishing or enhancing their online courses.


In addition, in 2020 I spearheaded the decision for Oppida's investment in a world-class content production studio to lead the way in quality educational video production.


Oppida strives to practice what we preach so I personally embarked on learning how to produce the highest quality video content from pre-production production and post-production at the same time getting myself used to being on camera.

I'm so proud of the team we have built at Oppida and the talented work they continue to do for our clients daily. My desire is that by working with Oppida each client comes away much more informed of your complexities of education delivery in the digital age.

Oppida helps you develop a better understanding of your future learners to improve online course development and the intended student learning experience.

We work with your team to ensure the learner journey is visually engaging, mentally stimulating and fully accessible according to digital education best practices.

Oppida supports subject matter experts across multiple disciplines to develop quality content (including the design of striking graphics and exceptional rich media production).

Oppida will publish your courses/programs to any learning management system or platform and develop comprehensive style guides to ensure consistency and excellent user experience.

We provide technical and design expertise in Learning Management Systems to help you move from one LMS to another seamlessly, while simultaneously improving the elearning course.

Oppida can perform a digital health check on any current course assets, recommend improvements and action tips to create best practice elearning experiences.

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