About us

Oppida is an online education agency that designs, develops, and enhances digital learning experiences. We do this by building exceptional elearning products, educating the community, and delivering quality online learning design and consulting services. Oppida exists to nurture individual journeys to show a future of possibilities through exceptionally designed elearning experiences.

Our values

1. Raise the bar

At Oppida, we believe that all problems are only solved through the art of learning, through discovery, and by pushing the boundaries of what we originally thought was possible. By raising the bar on our knowledge, we can advance our shared experiences and improve the lives of others.

2. Be human

It should never be forgotten that we are humans designing for humans. In our own individual ways, let compassion be at the heart of everything we do in our elearning work. Let’s be the catalyst for global access, through celebrating diversity by stepping into a world of pro-connection.


3. Foster inclusiveness

When ideas are allowed to flourish, diverse perspectives integrated, and individual needs are met, elearning has the chance to transform lives. At the heart of online education should be the drive for equitable access.

4. Embody an abundance mindset

Opportunities are plentiful and all individuals have the power to contribute meaningfully to our world. To do this, we create and work from a place of positivity at Oppida allowing creativity to flow through us, fuelling our desire to learn, grow and evolve.

5. Trust the journey

In taking inspired action, knowing that persistence pays off, and aiming for progress, we know that perfection will follow. Oppida accepts that we are constantly evolving, improving and acquiring knowledge upon our individualised journeys. We are also confident that we are all in it together.

Our team

Bianca Raby

Oppida is a team of passionate educators with extensive experience in digital learning. The founder, Bianca Raby has over 12 years experience in education across K-12, higher education, NFP’s and private providers both locally and internationally. She believes that everyone can create highly engaging digital learning experiences that achieve outcomes, while at the same time, providing an exceptional student experience. Bianca founded Oppida to help take the mystery out of online learning and ensure all providers have access to great advice and digital learning support.

Chris Balch

User Experience and Expert Technical Lead


Dylan Bennett

Senior Learning Designer


Mat Darch

Senior Learning Designer

MJ Noel

Senior Learning Designer


Lucy Thorpe

Digital Content Specialist


Sam Ross

Videographer and Illustrator


Adella Bahar

Graphic Designer and Social Media Guru

Oppida Partner's

Oppida is fortunate to be an official partner of the global Learning Management System Instructure Canvas. We love working with their team and our clients to get the best out of the system! If you are thinking of migrating or already have implemented Canvas do get in touch.


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