CanvasCon Sydney 2019: feeling inspired and grateful

CanvasCon, CanvasCon Sydney 2019: feeling inspired and grateful
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August 12, 2019
CanvasCon, CanvasCon Sydney 2019: feeling inspired and grateful
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August 26, 2019
CanvasCon, CanvasCon Sydney 2019: feeling inspired and grateful

Instructure Canvas (2019). CanvasCon Sydney 2019. Retrieved from

In August, Belinda Griffiths (Senior Learning Consultant) and I attended CanvasCon 2019 at the International Convention Centre Sydney. As an official partner of Instructure Canvas, Oppida chose to exhibit, so we decked out a table in Oppida purple and yellow!

CanvasCon, CanvasCon Sydney 2019: feeling inspired and grateful

As far as conferences go, CanvasCon was slick and inspiring with keynote speeches from core executives of Instructure: Dan Goldsmith (CEO), Jared Stein (VP Higher Ed), and Katrina Hess (Product Analysis). The Australian audience of over 950 felt warm and fuzzy that the speakers all made an effort to journey to this side of the world.

In terms of agenda, Instructure Canvas also did a fantastic job of ensuring diversity in perspectives, sectors, and educational pain points. There was really something for everyone, and I believe we all came away a little bit wiser from each session.

As a relatively new, fully remote company, CanvasCon was actually Oppida’s first public appearance as a brand! It was personally quite a surreal experience for me to step back and admire our booth… To think, Oppida was just a business plan on a powerpoint slide deck six months ago. Now it has strategic partners, a series of clients, over ten freelancers on the books, and a huge product strategy!

CanvasCon, CanvasCon Sydney 2019: feeling inspired and grateful

One of the other exciting developments was the strengthening of our partnership with Instructure Canvas. I was very grateful to meet Kurt Showalter (Partnerships Manager) in person to discuss other ways to work together (a meeting complete with chocolates). Oppida has a global outlook and so we are excited to possibly work more in the APAC region. We are also stoked to be able to help Canvas deliver even more value to their clients by bringing strong design skills to the table.

Typically, there is a sentiment out there that face-to-face conferences are expensive and don’t have as much value as they used to (due to the rise in digital communication). As someone who spends her life on a Mac, I feel that nothing beats a day of human-to-human interaction! CanvasCon was a great opportunity to meet some of our clients face-to-face and also hear from the broader community on their digital learning aspirations.

The education community has a huge task ahead… we know this. Often this can feel like a very heavy weight to bear. However, when you see so many engaged and passionate educators in one room, all helping each other solve their pain points, you realise there are many heads working on this.

Thank you Instructure Canvas for such a great event. Oppida is looking forward to seeing what the next 12 months brings for you and your clients!

For more on what drives Oppida’s values and work ethic, read about how the company was conceived here.

CanvasCon, CanvasCon Sydney 2019: feeling inspired and grateful

At Oppida, we believe in creating dynamic learning environments through learning management systems which engage with your learners on a deeper level. Whether you’re at project inception or you’re struggling knee-deep to manage content deliverables, Oppida will tailor learning design support for you. Setup a quick consultation with our founder Bianca Raby and discover how we can help you project manage, design, develop and enhance your online courses from any stage in the course’s lifecycle. Also, sign up for our FREE Designing Digital Learning Course to better understand how to design for digital.

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CanvasCon, CanvasCon Sydney 2019: feeling inspired and grateful

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