Our design thinking methodology

Oppida designs, develops, enhances, and migrates according to design thinking methodology: a non-linear, iterative process that we use to better understand the students’ experience as they navigate our online learning creations.

We constantly iterate and enhance the process journey our teams take to improve the students’ learning experiences that are at the core of all of our courses.

EMPATHISEDEFINEIDEATEPROTOTYPETESTUnderstand the learners todefine the right experienceand Learning Outcomes (LO’s)Brainstorm the ideallearner experience andcreate prototypesTests and data can inspire newideas for the learner’s experienceTests reveal insights that couldredefine the experience requiredUse test insights to create a continuousfeedback loop and improve the process

Through the strong five-phased approach, Oppida can tackle problems that are ill-defined or, as yet, are unknown.

The process helps us to challenge both our assumptions, redefine problems that the student is encountering, and create innovative solutions to prototype and test.

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