Learning management systems (LMS) have been around for almost two decades. However, they have become more prevalent with the expansion of the internet and thanks to the growth of companies who leverage them for online learning. As such, the wealth of options available on the market can be completely overwhelming. Which is why choosing the right LMS for your elearning courses can be daunting.

As well as offering in-depth comparisons, well-detailed introductions, and practised hacks to get the most from your LMS, our blogs can help you decide, migrate, and reap the most benefits from your choice. Above all, we can help make your online courses impactful, fun, and intuitive. So, follow our suggested best practices for your learning management systems.

May 13, 2019
Migrating to a New #LearningManagementSystem

Migrating to a new learning management system

It is highly likely that at some point your organisation will adopt a new Learning Management System (LMS) to improve its elearning courses. Or, at...