Oppida produces its own courses and also forms partnerships

We are creators and therefore love to design, develop and produce our own elearning and look for partnerships to enable more organisations to take their content online.

Oppida courses

Oppida strongly believes in leading by example and strives to contribute valuably to the online learning community. This is why we build our own elearning courses and use these to experiment with techniques, platforms and design.

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In this fully digital learning experience, we examine what it means to be a learning designer, discuss the nuances of online environments, and explore what possibilities lay ahead for digital education as well as so much more.

In recent years, Oppida has seen more solo-entrepreneurs reaching out for help as they brave the design and development of online courses to scale their great ideas.

So, we produced this free YouTube course that outlines 8 key steps for optimising your online course launch strategy.

Oppida partnerships

Oppida believes in the power of dynamic, multidisciplinary teams with aligned incentives to create amazing elearning products. This is why, where possible we partner with organisations to build and bring to market exceptional online learning content. Here are just a few of our current partners:

Be The Change is a complete online program, delivering a robust service curriculum, through engaging lessons and a selection of carefully curated resources. It is purely digital, interactive and built for easy access on desktop, mobile and tablet via leading Learning Management System Canvas.

To learn more and sign up your school's learning program,
visit Be The Change here.


Orenda Learning is an educational consultancy that guides education providers to foster connection and collaboration between students and community, through the implementation of best practice service programs. Orenda Learning works alongside organisations to build a package based on their individual needs.

For more information on a customised service program for your institution, visit Orenda Learning here.


Instructure Canvas is a global Learning Management System that supports a deep focus on teaching and learning. Oppida is proud to be an official partnership with the modern educational platform. We love working with the Instructure Canvas team and our clients to get the best out of the system!

If you are thinking of migrating to the LMS or want to get the most out of Instructure Canvas, contact us here.


Dandy Studio is a motion design studio that creates educational rich media content. Dandy believes that for teaching; the power to capture attention, simplify the complex, and visualise the abstract are invaluable tools that just so happen to be what animation is great at.

Oppida is proud to be a Dandy partner. Work with the studio to create content your students will love by visiting Dandy here.

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