Raising the rich media bar!

Replace your static content with purpose built, quality, engaging, and entertaining educational videos.

At Oppida, we know how important it is to create engaging learner experiences and premium rich media assets can play a huge part in that.

Filming in the studio

Let us make
your course shine!

All rich media by Oppida is designed with the highest accessibility standards in mind. Our expert team can guide you on how to realise your rich media goals while remaining accessible and inclusive for all your learners.

Explore some of our most common rich media options by watching our simple videos below.

Quality teaching video

Customised brand stylesheet

Full animations

Screencast explainer

Ways to engage

Recording and editing dynamic, attractive and well produced videos ist not easy.

Allow Oppida and our partner, Starlight Productions to help you create the best possible video content for your online course according to your budget!


Don't want the hassle or stress of filming your own videos? Outsource the whole process to Oppida and Starlight Productions.

  • Pre-production: Planning, scripting and set design.
  • Production: Filming, lighting, cameras, style, and pace.
  • Post- production:Editing, stylesheet and branding, captions, and transcription.


Give your raw footage that professional touch with expert editing and cinematic colour grading. Backstage services include:

  • Editing
  • Stylesheet and branding
  • Producing (adding sprinkles!)
  • Captions
  • Transcription

Our production
partner: Starlight Productions

Starlight Productions is a one stop shop for all digital content needs. Located on the beautiful island of Bali, it services Educators, YouTubers, Entrepreneurs, Podcasters and Photographers.

With world class production quality as its standard, Starlight Productions will make everyone stand out from the pack!