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At Oppida, we exist to create exceptionally designed online learning that nurtures the students’ individual learning experiences. Our end destination lies in realising and publishing quality online learning courses for our clients through tailored solutions.

Oppida and design thinking methodology

Oppida designs, develops, enhances, and migrates according to design thinking methodology: a non-linear, iterative process that we use to better understand the students’ experience as they navigate our online learning creations. We constantly iterate and enhance the process journey our teams take to improve the students’ learning experiences that are at the core of all of our courses.

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Through the strong five-phased approach, Oppida can tackle problems that are ill-defined or, as yet, are unknown. The process helps us to challenge both our assumptions, redefine problems that the student is encountering, and create innovative solutions to prototype and test.

Oppida’s service delivery process

Whether you’re at project inception or you’re struggling knee-deep to manage content deliverables, Oppida will tailor a customised learning design solution for you. After a quick consultation, enable us to project manage, design, migrate, and enhance all your online courses. From any point in the course's lifecycle. There is no 'one template fits all' learning design package on offer here. Our team believes in creating innovative and targeted learning and development solutions designed especially for your organisation and learners.


We understand the complexities that you face

We understand the complexities of elearning projects and the digital learning environments in which you work. Our expert team at Oppida has all worked in teaching at K-12 and university-level as well as in Vocational Education and corporate workplace training and development. We love helping organisations solve digital learning problems and create amazing elearning experiences through our services.

With a quick appraisal of your situation, we can begin creating a custom learning solution tailored to your needs and requirements. Simply fill out the simple form attached.

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